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capt-admin / posted on 1 September 2014

//um… thaks tumblr for the random suggested blog being porn… complete with imagery, that I honestly could have lived my life without 

I was wondering which person I had to go unfollow ! //thank god 

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capt-admin / posted on 1 September 2014

Present I designed and created for darling-taima who couldn’t pick one of the west coasters for a plushie so I figured out something creative and made them all! 

 I like making presents x3 And hopefully they should be useful for textbooks!

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capt-admin / posted on 1 September 2014


Ah, yes, it is September, you all know what that means in Scotland


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capt-admin / posted on 1 September 2014


I find it very interesting that so many procaps accuse us of not doing our research, and yet are absolutely swallowing down everything Awesome Ocean are saying, despite the fact that they’ve published misinformation and actual lies on all of their most recent articles, which could have been solved if they’d actually bothered to do their reading.

Y’all will jump on us when we can’t ID a captive orca, but you’ll praise a website that has so far lied to y’all about the orca that stranded in Scotland and decided on their own that he was one of the UK west coasters despite overwhelming evidence that he isn’t. They also decided that there were 10 members of this dying population - something they could have rectified if they’d bothered to even do something as basic as checking the IDs on the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust website. The population has numbered only 9 for 6 years now, but if you were just counting the IDs on the first website you came across, you wouldn’t know that.

They also outright lied about the orca that stranded in Oman and Brazil. The Brazilian stranding was not euthanised, but sadly died on her own after restranding. As for the orca in Oman, Awesome Ocean slammed the rescuers for pushing the young animal back out to sea - where their family was still waiting for them. Ironic considering they’d hailed a group of people as heroes for pushing stranded dolphins back out to sea only a few days before.

This is just the amount of toot they put out in one single article - and y’all want me to believe they’re actually a resource for education and information? It is not possible to educate people by spreading misinformation. Call me old-fashioned, but where I come from we call that “being full of shit”.

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/ posted on 1 September 2014

Anonymous asked

Hello I would like to ask: if you were to have an open enclosure (so the creature could come and go) and an extremely large area of ocean, but giving the cetaceans access to come and go as they please with an incentive of food and no humans touch them apart from medical concerns: would you be for cetacean captivity if we could provide for them equal to or better than the wild?

animalwelfarists replied

Having an open enclosure so the creature can come and go? That’s just called being free, what you’re describing is whale watching. Going out on a boat and observing whales in nature without engaging them, as far as I’m aware that’s alright but I could be wrong.

Followers? Thoughts on whale watching?

As for the last bit of the ask, I wouldn’t have a problem if we could adequately care for them as we do with many other animals. But we can’t, I don’t know when that will change or if it ever will.


capt-admin replied


Here’s the thing : for currently captive ceteceans imo the idea of a large sea pen vs their current enclosures is extremely likeable; these animals may have health issues that would not allow them to be able to live a full life out in the wild (for example, such as captive orcas which have had their teeth filed/rooted or whatever it’s called, as it can lead to infections of teeth and gums if not monitored).

HOWEVER we should not be forcing more wild animals into an unnatural symbiosis with humans than necessary; there are orcas that ‘hunt’ with humans on an island, but that is something that occurred naturally through mutual actions. 

I’m generally of the ,ind that whale watching is a great thing. I’m going to tag stumpytheorca here, because maybe they may be interested in commenting? (sorry but you’re the only person who knows something about ceteceans that I can think of off the top of my head!)

Np with tagging! Wale watching is a good thing provided all the rules are being followed of that particular area (they vary and I think soon limits on areas/traffic will be implemented in some areas) see Planet Whale for such trips, but land based whale watching is very preferable as it doesn’t disturb the whales at all. 

However its not the answer to captivity - no human should have the right to see a wild animal, it should be a privilege. 

/ posted on 1 September 2014

Anonymous asked

Hi! I hope I'm not being a bother or sounding incredibly thick... But how exactly do you pronounce Cetacean, is it 'set a cean' ?? I'm sorry that I probably sound stupid... It's just one of those things I'm not sure how to say :( Btw, I love your blog!!!

electronic-fox replied

Awe no bother at all you lovely anon you ^__^ thanks for saying nice things about my blog! 

As I can’t pronouce things very well i’m going to source this ask from  and say its pronouned “Suh-tay-shun”

(all though i say it like “set a cean” too! but considering i still prononce Duvet as literally “dove-et”   I cannot be trusted!)

capt-admin via mojavedolphins / posted on 31 August 2014 mojavedolphins:

Today, the first day of the slaughter, the cove runs blue


Today, the first day of the slaughter, the cove runs blue

(via corkyii)

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capt-admin via dreams-of-whales / posted on 31 August 2014


Two more from yesterday. I took way too many photos.

Rhapsody (J32) spyhopping on top. Mike (J26) with little Se-Yi-Chn (J45) in the background. 

(via brazilian-orca)

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