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People who hate on SeaWorld bother me so much ffs. Like do you realize why the orcas are in captivity? Its not for show, its for research. And in order to fund such expensive research for such huge animals, you need to put on shows. Yes, some…


Heads up


The NorthAtlanticKillerWhales site (NAKID) is still down, so at the moment we are the only place on the net to host the Northern Isles ID’s and Images!

Hopefully it will be back soon- with an update!

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just let us have our strawberries, foote

just let us have our fucking strawberries

I think we honestly need to take mousa’s view on this or we’re gonna go crazy.

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So i’ve been wading through data today and noticed a continuing pattern in Southern Resident behaviour from about 1976 onwards. From 1976 every 5 years (though in the case of this jump it was 4 which I think correlates to the finishing of the live captures) 1980 , 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 all had birth spikes in the population of 6-8 babies. (this includes babies that were born and died)

However birth rates are apparently directly correlated to the availability of prey (ie Salmon) X and the population took a deep nose dive in 2004 X so the last 10 years birth rate dropped but the 5 year trend did continue into 2010 (just with 5 births X- survived data only there) so this could mean good news for 2015? 

(fyi Its so lovley to work with this much information <3 I mean I love my scottish orca but it’s so nice to literally have every avenue researched for you so its essentially dot to dots… scottish orca is really seat of the pants research compared)

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SoCal City Pass: Remove SeaWorld San Diego as an option from your passes, and cut all ties!

Tweet to them: @cityPASS 
Facebook them: X 

ps: tokitaee​  hope you don’t mind - feel free to use the gif!

Sign and share! Write them on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

I don’t think you get why they are doing this feature, they do it as a means to encourage a longer stay and expand the tourism industry which they all benefit from.

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Anonymous: Ur a fucking disgusting procap who deserves to be kidnapped and raped then locked in a tiny room begging for food forever. themidnightclub is right, maliathemoron is a better name for you. Kill urself





Oh look, my first anon hate! You know what? I don’t have to deal with this bullshit. The anticaps of tumblr are viciously mean and stubborn. They do not see reason. They know nothing except how to spread hate. I’m going to put every anticap I know of on ignore. I love tumblr, it’s my happy place. I already have people telling me to kill myself in real life. I have been raped. I don’t need any of you wishing it upon me. Bye anon.

Normally I don’t get involved in these types of things (I’ve been more or less distant from the pro-cap/anti-cap debates for awhile now, as I don’t find enjoyment in them and rarely are they respectful and educational) however, I have to say something about this. I don’t care what your beliefs are or what you support, under NO CIRCUMSTANCESis it ok to wish abduction, rape, death, exc. on someone for their beliefs. 

You can respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion, you can constructively debate with them, you can ignore them completely if you’d rather not get involved, but wishing bodily harm and/or threatening others completely crosses the line. It’s wrong, sick, and speaks of some serious psychological issues and insecurities on the part of the person making such horrific statements. 

Let’s clarify this one more time, because I have seen this far too many times (from people on both sides):

It is never okay to wish bodily harm, death, suicide, torture, or any other form of violent and/or potentially triggering activities upon anyone, regardless of their personal views and opinions on a topic. 

themidnightclub strikes again I see

there are no words for what is wrong with them jfc

how do y’all expect us to have reasonable debate with people if you keep telling them to kill themselves goddamn this is like the 5th person in two months

but as a side note bonded it’d be real swell if you didn’t equate psychological issues with people behaving like that

we don’t want to be associated with shitstains like that tbh

dude what the fuck. this is all kinds of not okay :/

Yea all kinds of not okay here
anyone getting any kinds of these messages - not okay

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ok but if stevie disappears, I want you all to look back at those last two posts and remember that I was provoked



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Anonymous: Where did the info about the congressman being paid to support SeaWorld come from?

Sourced in post :)

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ok but if stevie disappears, I want you all to look back at those last two posts and remember that I was provoked

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thisstuffexistsfact: On average, a killer whale eats 227 kilograms (500 lb) each day.

Hey look! It’s my photo!! Woot

She looks like she’s doing this:

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